Quality in parking

Contribution to quality of life

Q-Park wants to increase its presence in cities with attractive market dynamics as the population in urban conurbations continues to grow. This growth affects the number of passenger cars and the demand for parking spaces. The drift towards urban areas coincides with the trend towards more environmentally-friendly cars and the challenges to keep cities liveable.

We work together with project developers and local governments to create parking solutions that integrate in the mobility chain, limit impact on the environment, make room for people (not cars) and thus improve the quality of life for all stakeholders.


Information technology is a true enabler for our future development and for implementing new and innovative services for landlords, partners and customers. Our proprietary ecosystem, platforms and portals enable us to facilitate the customer's journey, in both the virtual and physical sense, from the comfort of their home to their final destination.

Our back-office operations run on a profound digital infrastructure which seamlessly integrates with our front office (websites, apps and parking facilities) where we interact with partners and customers. For example, to find parking solutions online, order a season ticket, pre-book a parking space, access and pay for parking based on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), or open a pedestrian door with a QR code.

Figure 6 PaSS – Parking as a Smart Service

We continue to install our proprietary Parking as a Smart Service (PaSS) ecosystem in parking facilities throughout the seven countries in which we operate. This enables us to launch value propositions to public and private landlords, commercial partners, sustainable mobility providers and our customers.

Our employees

Q-Park recognises that our goals can be met only with the dedicated input of committed and well-trained employees who share our passion for quality and customer service. We continuously invest in the development of our people.

Our commercial partners

We serve millions of customers every year. With the cash flows we generate from this, we continue to invest in future-focused parking solutions which add value for our public and private landlords, partners who offer mobility services, and for motorists.

Our activities

A large proportion of our revenue comes from single parking transactions, our short-term parking (STP) customers. Revenue is also generated from season ticket sales, our long-term parking (LTP) customers.

Our parking services mainly consist of providing parking spaces in purpose-built parking facilities or in off-street car parks. This can be parking behind barriers, by means of Pay & Display tickets, or via a parking service app. Through our country websites, we also offer customers the opportunity to pre-book parking spaces or order season tickets.

In addition, we offer services such as monitoring compliance to regulations applicable to parking on-street and on private property. We operate parking facilities for public and private landlords, and because of our scale, we do this efficiently and effectively.