Visitor portal

In 2023 we introduced our visitor portal, again a feature based on our PaSS platform. It is designed to provide a more convenient service for those visiting offices, hotels and event venues. A registered business has free access to their own Q-Park visitor portal with parking products, configured according to the business' own preferences by a Q-Park sales representative.

The visitor portal is ideal for businesses within walking distance of a Q-Park car park, and who want to offer stress-free parking and contribute to parking costs for their visitors.

Q-Park visitor portal benefits for businesses:

  • manage parking rights for visitors in private digital portal;

  • provide convenient parking for visitors who can drive in and out of the car park without taking a ticket thanks to number plate recognition;

  • no hassle with paper parking tickets and vouchers;

  • monthly payment after receiving a monthly parking transaction statement.

Figure 30 Visitor portal benefits for businesses and their customers

Thanks to our PaSS system, this is all they need to access and exit the car park – for a seamless parking experience.