Business development

Portfolio developments

In 2023, our country organisations won or prolonged multiple contracts. These include substantial acquisitions in Ireland and Denmark as well as 15 contract additions. We have focused on retaining existing contracts that came up for renewal and on acquisitions which fit in well with our existing portfolio.

P1 Amsterdam, a subsidiary of Q-Park Netherlands, signed a contract with Amsterdam City Council to take over on-street parking management in the city from 1 January 2024.

Q-Park Germany acquired the management contract for the prestigious I/D Cologne1 multi-storey car park, expanding the portfolio in the city to four parking facilities. I/D Cologne is a new commercial district development, being constructed on the site of the former rail freight station and the car park serves the redeveloping area including offices, hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities.

The structure, designed by slapa oberholz pszczulny architects, is particularly impressive with approx. 5,000 climbing plants on the façade, making it one of the largest green walls in Germany. These plants have a positive effect on the environment for entire district: they bind carbon dioxide, release oxygen and provide cooling. They also reduce noise and create a new habitat for insects and birds.

An automated, resource-saving irrigation system uses collected rainwater to care for the plants and guarantees sustainable management.

The car park has almost 900 spaces on 6 levels including 24 EV charging points, bicycle parking and parcel lockers. The car park is cashless, PaSS enabled and pre-booking is available.

Figure 19 I/D Cologne façade with some 5,000 plants

Figure 20 I/D Cologne has each floor colour coded

Q-Park UK will operate The Forum2 car park in Gloucester. The new campus style, BREEAM3 rated, development will offer grade A flexible workspaces, apartments, shops, cafes and bars, as well as a gym.

The new build car park will be a Mobility Hub: it will incorporate the bus station and be a short walk from the train station. It will have green façades and an environmentally-friendly green roof, just as the other buildings in this new development. With some 400 spaces, 10% of which will offer EV charging, this facility will be an asset to Gloucester.

Figure 21 The Forum, Gloucester - an artist impression

Q-Park France opened a new facility in Chartres, Q-Park Gare Colisée. This is the sixth parking facility in Chartres, meeting the city's parking needs for the train station, the new theatre and sports complex Le Colisée. It provides 1,085 parking spaces including 55 EV charging points and 20 spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs).

The parking decks are on two levels with the bus station on the roof. A pedestrian bridge provides easy access to the central train station.

Figure 22 Q-Park Gare Colisée - coloured glass façade

In 2023 we completed the acquisition of Tazbell Services Group, the owner of Park Rite. This acquisition means that Q-Park Ireland has become one of the largest car parking companies in the country. Q-Park acquired parking management services and on-street parking enforcement services, managing some 50,000 on-street parking spaces for local authorities in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Offaly.

Noteworthy developments at Q-Park Denmark:

  • Dansk P-Kontrol acquisition: 51 private car parks (3,365 spaces), including enforcement and Control Fees. Of the 51 facilities, 18 are in Hillerød, and the rest in the greater Copenhagen area.

  • InterPark acquisition: 28 private car parks (648 spaces), including enforcement and Control Fees. All but one are in the greater Copenhagen area.

  • City Parkeringsservice share deal: 1,484 car parks, most of which are private with 57% in Copenhagen, 12% in Aarhus and 11% in Køge. The core is Control Fees business, with 46 sites offering short-term parking to the general public.

  1. Photo credit I/D Cologne
  2. Photo credits
  3. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the certification method for a sustainable built environment. With this method, projects can be assessed on integral sustainability.