Parking information

Our country websites provide a wealth of information for customers.

Online information

The Q-Park country websites present a range of information about parking, services and products in a clear and orderly manner. Parking information is presented per city where visitors will also find special parking deals such as day tickets or weekend options.

Customers can open Google Maps to plan their journey. Besides mentioning popular destinations nearby, the information presented includes:

  • number of parking spaces, including those for people with reduced mobility (PRMs);

  • drive through height;

  • number of EV charging points;

  • parking tariffs, pre-booking and season tickets;

  • services such as AED, family parking, and toilets.


In 2023, we have 864 (2022: 799) parking facilities providing sought-after information online.

Chart 22 PFs offering online information

Points of interest

On the city pages, website visitors can also see main points of interest (POIs) at a glance. On selecting a POI, users see the nearest parking facilities including the relevant walking time. Economic parking deals are available for many POIs too.


In 2023 we listed 3,140 (2022: 2,813) POIs which are near to our parking facilities. We provide useful information online to help customers make an informed decision about where to park, including:

  • walking distance from the car park to a POI;

  • parking tariff;

  • navigation information to the car park;

  • special pre-booking propositions.

Chart 22 POIs listed online