Parking products

Short-term parking

We serve thousands of customers every day and most of them just take a parking ticket or use their bank card to access and exit our parking facilities. They visit us infrequently so this is a convenient way to use our services without having to register or log in.

As part of our efforts to create a better customer experience, increase parking convenience and enable customer interaction:

  • our partners provide access to our car parks by means of their apps;

  • our own Q-Park app provides customer access based on ANPR.

When short-term parking (STP) customers use these apps, they enjoy a seamless parking journey whenever and wherever they park at Q-Park. No more tickets, no more going to the payment machine, and seamless access and exit thanks to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).


We encourage our customers to use a parking app or pre-book a parking space, which means they can access and exit based on their number plate. The added benefit for the customer is that they do not have to stop at the payment machine before they leave. These transactions use our PaSS platform.

The following chart shows how the uptake of PaSS is growing throughout Q-Park now that we have implemented PaSS in all countries. In 2023, the percentage of STP transactions conducted with PaSS rose from 9.7% in 2022 to 14.4% in 2023, an increase of 48%.

Chart 20 Percentage of STP transactions using PaSS


Pre-booking services are a smart and responsible choice for motorists who wish to make sure that a parking space is available for them or who seek an economic parking option near their destinations. Pre-booking converts search traffic into destination traffic, allows for economic parking tariffs, and nudges parking at P+R locations which decreases traffic in inner-cities.

We offer a variety of pre-booking propositions to customers via our websites and we offer pre-booking solutions to commercial partners so they can serve their customers via their sites and sales channels.

With pre-booking options for theatres, concerts and festivals, it is easier to manage peak traffic flows while allowing audiences to enjoy a variety of events in urban areas.


In 2023, we now have 506 (2022: 476) parking facilities offering pre-booking services online, a 6% increase. Revenue from pre-booking is included in our short-term parking revenue.

The percentage of pre-booked parking transactions is steadily increasing as shown in the following chart. In 2023, the percentage of pre-booking transactions rose from 2.2% in 2022 to 2.7% in 2023, an increase of 22%.

Chart 20 Percentage of pre-booked STP transactions

Long-term parking

We offer a wide variety of season tickets for our customers who park with us frequently.

  • Nights + Weekend products for residents.

  • Flexible office solutions for employees who need to be at their office location two or three days a week.

  • Retailers may want a 6x24 hours solution.

  • Most customers opt for our 7x24 season ticket options.

As well as the traditional annual season ticket, we also offer season tickets for one month or quarter for customers wanting greater flexibility.


Almost all of our season tickets holders access and exit our parking facilities by means of PaSS, meaning that almost all of our long-term parking customers enjoy a seamless parking journey as these are prepaid products and they grant access by ANPR for motorists and by QR code for pedestrians.