KPIs & Targets

The next phase of our CSR strategic framework is defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for our top five sustainability matters and our vision.

To date we have defined several KPIs & Targets to support our ambitions and measure our progress for years to come. They are linked to our top five sustainability matters, our focus areas and ambition, and they are coded for future reference.

The exact targets for some of these KPIs are under development as we wish to validate our planned activities against potential targets. For others we have programmes in place with the intend to achieve the following targets by 2040:

  • GHG market based - net zero.

  • Renewable energy consumption - 100%.

  • Operated EV charging points - 20,000.

  • Zero-emission kilometres enabled via operated EV charging points - 2,000 million.

  • Parking spaces equipped with operated EV charging points - 7.5% (10% by 2050).

  • Operated parking facilities offering alternative modes of transport - 45%.

Note, both CSRD and ESRS requirements evolve over time as do we. Trends, impacts, risks and opportunities influence us as we move forward. We intend to review our sustainability matters regularly and adapt corresponding KPIs and targets accordingly.