24/7 availability

Most parking facilities are open 24/7 for motorists to park and retrieve their car.

That is why we offer an international help desk, the Q-Park Control Room (QCR), to motorists which is available 24/7. The QCR gives customers instant access to multi-lingual Parking Hosts.

The QCR is in contact with Parking Hosts and Mobile Teams in the vicinity of the parking facility. If a customer needs assistance that cannot be given remotely, the QCR will dispatch a Parking Host to assist at the location itself.

For mechanical problems, the service department and service technicians can be called in to help.­


Chart 24 Parking facilities offering 24/7 service

Support services

Our aim is to foster mobility and enable access to essential urban functions in conjunction with sustainability concerns.

Our AEDs are located at a secure yet accessible place so they can be used by trained volunteers or medical personnel.

Toilet services are either present in the car park or there is clear signage directing people to the nearest toilets.

Parking Hosts and Mobile Teams have access to jump leads, to help customers who find themselves with a flat battery.

We use closed-circuit television (CCTV) for security purposes. Where we install cameras, we make it clear to people that they or their cars are on camera.