Digitalisation of many of our business activities is a true enabler for the future development of our operations, including providing innovative services for landlords, partners and customers. Our proprietary ecosystem, platforms and portals enable us to facilitate the customer journey, in both the virtual and physical sense, from the comfort of the home to the final destination.

Our back-office operations run on an extensive digital infrastructure which seamlessly integrates with our front office (websites, apps and parking facilities) where we interact with partners and customers. For example, to find parking solutions online, order a season ticket, pre-book a parking space, access and pay for parking based automatic number plate recognition, or open a pedestrian door with a QR code.

We implemented the first iterations of PaSS in 2020 and can now consider our PaSS platform mature. It forms the basis of all our parking products, from season tickets to pre-booked event parking.

Chart 19 Number of PFs with PaSS