Training & Development

Training & Development

Providing continual learning opportunities for all our employees is an important aspect of our employee retention policy. We aim to give employees regular training and opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

The majority of our employees work in or near our parking facilities as Parking Hosts. Our social relevance for operational employees is considerable. Together with the retail and cleaning sectors, we provide jobs for people who prefer practical work.

Each country has developed, or has plans to develop, e-learning programmes for employees so training can be followed at any location and at the employee's own pace. Training opportunities available in all countries include job related and first aid training.

The multi-year Security Awareness Programme is ongoing. This is based on the Q-Park Information Security Governance Framework and is designed to raise awareness of security issues among all employees.


In 2023 the average number of training hours per employee remained stable. There is some fluctuation due to employees joining or leaving part way through the year. From 2022 onwards, all Q-Park employees receive some kind of general training each year, including security awareness training.

Chart 25 Average annual training hours per employee

We can also report that on average female employees received slightly more training hours in 2023 than their male colleagues, 56% compared to 44%. In addition, we can report that training hours are distributed more or less equally among management 52% and non-management 48% positions, as shown in the following chart.

Chart 26 Training hours spread