Mobility transition

Within the mobility transition theme the following efforts are included:

  • EV charging.

  • Mobility hubs, which encourage people to make all or part of their journey by sustainable transport.

  • Mobility inclusion, allocated spaces for motorists with special needs.

  • Strategic locations and various contract types, allowing for urban accessibility, operational efficiency and meaningful partnerships.

Q-Park wants to contribute to the European mobility transition. It is one of our key sustainability matter as it corresponds with Europe's most important goal next to the energy transition.

Mobility transition also includes a cultural change, in particular a re-evaluation of "the street". Currently, the primary purpose of streets is to direct traffic through the city with as little disruption as possible. In the future, the dominance of the car should give way to equal rights for all modes of transport.

With our expertise, off-street parking facilities, sustainable mobility solutions and partnerships, we are well equipped to support local authorities in achieving their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).